Missionary John Kim in France who is the first testimony speaker on UBF Tentmaker YouTube Channel Life Testimony series wants to share on how to read the Bible effectively in groups via online based on his experiences with his son and 2nd generations in Europe for several years.

It is not easy to read the Bible alone faithfully. But a group Bible reading is helpful which can encourage each person to meditate on the words of God on a regular basis and apply them in their practical life.

M. John visited Korea recently and shared the Group Bible Reading tips with several UBF chapters. Because many people are inspired and want to know more details about it, our UBF online mission team plans out to share them through a webinar. You can see the details below.

*Topic: Effective Group Bible Reading & Studying Tips with Children (2nd-Gens) & College Students
*Date: September 25, 2021
*Time: 9:00 am (New York), 8:00 am (Chicago), 3:00 pm (Germany), 10:00 pm (Korea)
*Presentation 1: John Kim (France, 20 minutes)
*Presentation 2: Testimonies by Second Gens
 - Pauline Lee (Denmark)
 - Sarah Sohn (Israel)
 - David Shin (Czechia)
 - Sarah Han (Austria)
*Q & A: 50 Minutes
*Introduction to UBF website & Bible reading app
*Total meeting time: 1 hour 30 minutes
- There are no small group discussions

This seminar will be conducted in Korean only.
We will announce the English seminar at a later date.

* Please register if you are interested in attending this Online Seminar in Korean and receive the zoom link. The registration button is below.